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Kiriella’s stooge gets into trouble: Chairman of Maga Neguma caught working as UNP election campaign head

Reports claim that the Chairman of Maga Neguma, affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways, Rajiv Seneviratne has acted as a political activist while engaged in public service during the last provincial council election.

This is because he is said to have served as the UNP election campaign office head while working as the Chairman of the Maga Neguma.

Regulations grossly violated

Working as the Chairman of the Maga Neguma while also acting as the head of the UNP election campaign office, abuse of state property during LG polls and violation of the establishment's code and financial regulations are serious offences and election monitors CaFFE has now lodged a complaint with the Election commission in this regard.

According to the complaint lodged by CaFFE Seneviratne had even exchanged communiques with the Election commission, election monitors and other organizations while functioning in both roles.

Evidence presented by CaFFE

CaFFE has made note of this in their complaint while bringing in to focus how Seneviratne had even signed official documents relating to the election which has now been presented as evidence.

Maga Neguma Chairman mentioned in the website 001

The first thing CaFFE alleges is that it is Rajiv Seneviratne who is the Chairman of the Maga Neguma which is affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education and Highways and has been named in its official website as the Chairman. http://maganeguma.lk/about-us/.

The other thing brought in to the focus is that during the local government election, Rajiv Seneviratne had received salaries and allowances from the Consolidated fund of government while serving as the head of the election monitoring office to promote the UNP without due approval.

According to CaFFE Seneviratne has sent letters as the UNP election campaign office head to the Election commission, election monitors, Police and other department while working as a government employee to promote a election party violates Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) states that not only orders or measures issued by the Election Commission but also the provisions of the Establishments Code and the financial regulations of the government have been violated.

Evidence of misuse of public property



Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) has complained to the Election Commission that dozens of letters have been sent to the Election Commission during the last election is evidence that public assets, state employees and human resources are a living evidence misuse of state property to promote a party.

CaFFe also mentioned that if Rajiv Seneviratne has committed such acts can be verified through a proper investigation on whether the taxpayers funds were used for the election campaigns, vehicles, vehicles and other materials.

The highest number of complaints during the Rajapaksa regime

While pointing out that it was Seneviratne had made the most complaints of state property being misused during the Rajapaksa regime, CaFFE expressed their shock as to how him committing the same acts while dealing with the election commission was kept a secret. As a result, CaFFE has requested an inquiry be carried out in this regard.

A personal grudge: UNP

When asked by isis.lk, a spokesman for the UNP said the Executive director of CaFFE, Keerthi Tennakoon is acting on a personal grudge against the party as he was reported by them to the commission for acting in a partial manner during the recent elections.

The spokesman also said he is unaware if Seneviratne was acting as the Chairman of Maga Neguma during the LG polls but if he had resigned then he had not committed any wrong. He also said this has to be looked at prior to accusing him of any wrong.

Prove these accusations: UNP

When pointed out that he has been mentioned as the Chairman of Maga Neguma in the official website the spokesman said there are issues in updating government websites adding that there should be evidence to prove that he acted in both roles during the recent polls.

He said if evidence is presented the party will support any action against him and Minister in charge of the Ministry at the time, Lakshman Kiriella should apologise to the country.

Legal background

The constitution explains state employees violating election laws as mentioned below :


003The gazette notification issued by the Election Commission in that regard



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